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The accommodation, gardens and people who provide supporting services at Ashley Lodge offers the people who live here the opportunity of a high quality and individualised life-style.


Residential facilities are situated within spacious grounds and each individual has their own bedroom which is personalised through decor and belongings.

Communal lounge, dining and kitchen areas facilitate social activities and the sharing of household duties.

The Ashley Lodge philosophy describes a commitment to using socially valued means to promote socially valued lives; we emphasise that life at Ashley Lodge is comparable to that experienced by other adults within the community.


The following are quotes taken from recent questionnaires, as completed by families of people living at Ashley Lodge.

"<Name> is very happy at Ashley Lodge. He enjoys coming to the family home but is always happy to return to his home – Ashley Lodge."

"Ashley Lodge is a very smartly furnished care home, standards are extremely high in all aspects, and is kept to a very high standard."

"<Name> has access to a variety of activities to suit his needs – swimming, horseriding and trampolining to name but a few – also many days out."

"Ashley Lodge has all the comforts of a family home."

"Our relatives social life and well being is better than we could even provide. We are very happy that they have such a full and varied life-style at Ashley Lodge."

"Carers should be congratulated in the energy and commitment to the wide variety of activities for clients."

"Some of the staff have known <name> so long that we look upon them as friends."